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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Greetings! I feel bad that I got so frustrated. It is hard when everything says share, share, share and when you listen to TV and they say be careful what you share - and that is your instinct anyway. Some of this was fun. I enjoy picture stuff. I wish what was recommended was easier to use and took less time. I wish my co worker would have had an easier time with pictures as well for she really enjoys them- but many times things wouldn't work for either of us. The library computers are protected from download and she did most of this on her time on library computers. I had it easier than she, but it is hard doing this many times on your own time. Fewer things with more time allotted would have been nicer for us backwards non computer people. I was ok with most. Hope everyone else had more fun. Happy New Year, Happy Spring, Happy Day! Super S


This tells you how much I use things - I already belonged. I think Arrowhead told us to join, that it was a good thing. Asked Linda NCLC to be my friend, and, I am sorry Linda, but I shall probably never go there again unless someone can really tell me that there is something there I WANT. Again at home I have no internet and coming to the library to do this stuff is not fun - especially on my own time. Did everything you told me to do. For me its just something else with lots of stuff. Give me another 40 hours in a week and 10 times the energy ...................... SuperS


Clouds are so interesting that it is a crime to call this a cloud. Oooops there I go again. Looked at Web OS - interesting - I can see this catching on in the future. Looked at metronetmili and saw 23 things as a link there. None of this stuff has helped my productivity but has helped make my library homepage a LITTLE more interesting. This is ALL very time consuming! SuperS


Watched the video. Looked at my money and put on blog. I won't bank online. didn't feed the pig. looked at fuel economy and gas buddy - gas buddy didn't really work for me. cell phones redundant. looked at craigslist ..... yard sale treasure map outdated. thrift store finder ha ha. coupons nothing i buy. u of m extension trying to figure out more. im a poor shopper so i have no tip except don't follow me. SuperS



Anyway after protesting I thought I better at least look so I did. Went to Hulu and saw widgets and RSS but wasn't interested. Went to Joost but more boring. No interest what so ever and do I really have to do this??? Whine whine whine. I would never save something for viewing later (rather read a book again) and I saw nothing to recommend to my friend who basically agrees with me. I asked her over the counter.
People like these things I know or there wouldn't be so much of it. I just can't get excited enough to even have any feelings about it. SuperS